Eugene Stetz


Stetz is a self-taught mixed media artist based out of Kingston, NY

Stetz was born into a family of perpetual travel having moved from one place to the next living out of, in, and on the four C’s since birth: campgrounds, couches, cars, and casinos. This life of constant travel has given him an endless source of inspiration, opening him up to all forms of art, even some he weren't aware of at the time.

In his youth Stetz had developed a speech impediment. Not being able to fully utilize his voice as an expressive outlet it was his aunt, a painter and teacher of traditional arts at university, who introduced him to the paintbrush shortly before she had passed away. Immediately realizing the pen and brush are a much stronger voice Stetz had begun scribbling on anything in his path. Carrying a marker with him everywhere he went since the age of 5 would enable him to draw on just about everything from car windows, to the back of paintings in hotel rooms, to bus benches, all just to kill boredom. Unaware that what he was doing would later lead him into a life of illustration, design, publication, photography, videography, graffiti, fine arts, and street expression.

Over the years Stetz has developed a fast and loose painting style that was molded by the traditional arts and refined in the dark of night utilizing the quickness of the spray paint can. This love for creating public works of art has given much momentum to the lifestyle of perpetual travel allowing Stetz to show artworks and paint murals on an international level.