Nicholas Bergery

Mango Mandala
Original Archival print mounted on Plexiglass and Aluminum Dibond with gallery mount
30" x 30"
Butterfly Mandala
Original Archival Print Stretched on Premium Canvas Mirrored Edges 1.5" Gallery wrap
16" x 16",


My latest "Mango Mandala" starting from the center is composed of the Sun, Flowers, Trees, Rainbows, Sky and Clouds, Mangos (from my tree), Water Reflections, Hurricane Internet Satellite Imagery, Tree Bark.
Mandalas are like symbols of the psyche and an image of wholeness, a kind of wheel of life symbolic of Man and Nature in harmony, like a Tibetan or American Indian sacred painting.
Part of the arc of my art career and body of work are naturalistic themes that start with original photographs of Tropical Key West nature, Flora and Fauna, parrots and butterflies, botanicals, exotic flowers, plants and trees from tropical gardens, as well as landscapes, sunsets, cloudscapes, seascapes, and water reflections with a heavy emphasis on clouds.
In the past, I have used Photoshop and Painter and other software programs to create impressionistic digital layered collages, techno or photo painting with textures and patterns.
Lately I have been embellishing prints by hand tinting with colored pencils, watercolor paint, oil pastels, inks, photo retouching dyes.
I make small, medium and large format, limited edition multiples, prints on archival matte paper, and giclees on watercolor paper and stretched canvas. I have also produced photographic prints mounted on plexiglass and aluminum metallic prints.
In another facet of my work, I juxtapose and meld my photographic and digital images in animated motion graphic sequences, that dissolve with transitions. The slide shows include series of panoramas, photo mosaics, floral mandalas and kaleidoscopic collages.