The Cloistered Illustration’s of Antonio Lopez Illustrations-highlighting the incredible genius of a man who influenced the Fashion Industr

Press Release:  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  NEW YORK, NY (November 23, 2018) 
- The Cloistered Illustration’s of Antonio Lopez Illustrations-highlighting the incredible genius of a man who influenced the Fashion Industry with a permanence of unspeakable magnitude-
The Cloistered Illustration’s of Antonio Lopez is from the private collection of designer John Stavros and will be on display / showcased at The Art Basel Miami Gala, December 6th - 9th 2018. Lopez’s works are part of the permanent collection at the Kingston Pop Museum, NY. This is the first time that the exhibition will be leaving its cool blue NY pavement home to take a red-hot journey to the sands of Miami Florida. This impressive collection is one of the largest signed collections of Antonio Lopez’s illustrations in existence.
What to expect? The opening reception will feature 15 original works never before seen by the public. These are authentic illustrations that capture ‘the pulse of style’ from the 1960’s through the 1980’s and were given to Mr. Stavros by the artist himself. To solidify the dance through time, Stavros shares intimate letters from Lopez describing his relationship with Jerry Hall… and to make it juicier Hall and Stavros later had there own thing going on! If you can’t make it to The Art Basel Miami Gala, no worries, the collection will travel to Tampa Bay area and then off to Slovenia.
Though it has been over 30 years since Lopez’s death his work still remain one of the most frequently referenced go-to inspirational artists for students at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology [FIT] and aspiring artists and visionaries of the fashion world. Lopez’s illustrations were the inspiration behind countless modern collections and nods to his unmistakable esthetics are still seen in every genre pulsed by the fashion industry. Karl Lagerfeld is noted as stating, “In the world of illustration, his contribution is superior to the efforts of all other fashion artists of his era.”
The launch of the traveling exhibition The Cloistered Illustration’s of Antonio Lopez marks a new beginning for designer John Stavros not only to commemorate the work of his friend but to launch The Kingston Pop Museum and Community Arts Space located in up and coming Kingston NY. “The dream that Antonio, Charles James, & I shared back in the heyday of our youth was to have a space for artists to be able to freely create their art, work, live and sell all within a secure stable environment. I am proud to have poured my love, sweat, & tears into this project and look forward to the greater good and creative forces that will come out of The Kingston Pop Museum” (Stavros 2018). And for an added bonus Stavros will also be featuring the works of new discovery Eugene Stetz at the Kingston Pop Shop during The Art Basel Miami Gala. Stetz, an international mural and fine artist will be curating his own amazing artwork at the Pop Shop. For a sneak peak of Stetz work check out
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