February 15-April 15 at The Army And Navy Club
901 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006
The Army and Navy Club is proud to host Depicting the Invisible, Susan’s work captures the PTSD epidemic through a deeply intimate lens, instilling her veteran subjects with dignity while building empathy in all who see her work. This important exhibition brings much-needed awareness to the triumphs and challenges facing our combat veterans today; it is my hope that all who see this show will be inspired to make a difference in the veteran community.
General John Altenburg, Chairman of The Army and Navy Club Library Trust

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The Cloistered Illustration’s of Antonio Lopez is from the private collection of designer John Stavros and will be on display / showcased at The Art Basel Miami Gala, December 6th - 9th 2018. Lopez’s works are part of the permanent collection at the Kingston Pop Museum, NY. This is the first time that the exhibition will be leaving its cool blue NY pavement home to take a red-hot journey to the sands of Miami Florida. This impressive collection is one of the largest signed collections of Antonio Lopez’s illustrations in existence.Read more